ÞINGEYJARSÝSLUR Postal history 1823-1944 - Eiður Árnason

The collection covers both south and north of Þingeyjarsýsla (county), as it is one area. The collection is mainly arranged as follows:

lt begins with prephilatelic letters, although the first one was not delivered by postal mail, but sent by a merchant vesselto copenhagen. Another letter is addressed to Raufarhöfn, but was not picked up and therefore returned to sender (two such letters are known on the free market). The third letter was unstamped and dates back to 1873' lt such a letter was labeled "Public Affairs", as this one, it fulfilled the conditions to make it legal' ln addition, the collection contains a variety of mailed letters, postcards and single stamps with legible cancels from all Post offices (Po) and collecting offices (co) from 1873 to 1944, which had been assigned their own cancellations. Those have mainly been categorized by the duration these offices were operated, but due to the scope of the exhibit, the rule is slightly broken.

Rammi - Frame 1

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